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Do you want to sell your Gold and make sure you are getting a good offer? Visit our JJ Watch & Jewelry Store, we'll pay you more. You can even host a private Gold Party at our store and earn more money for yourself or your favorite Charity.

We Buy Gold

We are interested in gold, silver, and platinum. We buy Silver jewelry, flatware, and coins. We are interested in gold jewelry and coins. And we also purchase platinum jewelry and crucibles. It does not matter what condition it is in. We also buy Diamonds.

What We Pay

JJ Watch & Jewelry's will offer you a fair price for your gold based on the current market price. Live Precious Metals Charts. While you are in the store we will evaluate your gold for free. We will determine your gold's Karat, weigh each karat separately, then calculate your offer. We offer 90% or better on US gold Coins.

How We Pay

JJ Watch & Jewelry's will cut you a check that day that you can deposit or cash. We will complete a form with some information required by the city to purchase your gold and then have you sign for the transaction.

What a Quote

Quotes are only valid while in the store due to the fluidity of the gold market.